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Large-format tooling for plastics injection

B&B Tool is a Windsor-based provider of large format injection tooling, primarily for the automotive sector – fascias, instrument panels and accompanying tooling. By focusing

on sustainable win-win relationships that are founded on honesty, accountability and mutual respect, we’ve built a success story that has now spanned a half century.

Optimal size; responsive service

When you look at the firms we most often compete with, you’ll quickly see that they’re bigger than we are. That’s okay with us; in our business, bigger isn’t always better. Our clients like the fact that we’re nimble and responsive, able to shift production schedules on a dime to accommodate changes

and get your tooling plant ready when you need it. There’s no shuffle to get lost in. We understand that “smaller” isn’t for everyone, but we’re happy to be exactly right for the kind of clients who’ve valued our responsiveness and experience for over 57 years.

Capable, with tooling up to 50 tonnes

We handle big tooling and our capabilities run deep. The vast majority of our staff are industry veterans with 20+ years experience. All are valued for their dedication to patient, quality workmanship. That’s because our goal is not to drive volume but to deliver unmatched customer service.

Our major equipment roster includes:

  • Parpas, Kuraki, Toshiba, Mazak and Millutensil tooling (complete list on request)
  • Cranes up to 50 tonne

A trusted partner since 1966

Our client base hasn’t changed much over the years. That tells you two important things:
A) we’ve never pursued growth at the expense of our existing relationships
B) we’ve continued to earn our clients business year after year.
Both speak to the underlying factors that solidify trust – a commitment to value-added problem solving, resourceful and insightful design, responsiveness when you need it most, and patient, painstaking production processes.

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3245 N Talbot Rd
Oldcastle ON
N0R 1L0

Tel: 519-737-1522
Email: info@bbtool.com

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